Rob Brander

// Software Developer & Architect


Here you'll find some of my recent work. In my spare time I like to code in JavaScript and HTML5, mostly using the canvas. These little projects are often inspired by some other work I've seen. When there is a source for my inspiration, I'll often add it as a comment at the top of the source code.

Panda Wander

A game where you play the role of a panda wandering through a maze.

Demo Source Code

CYTZ Barometer

A web interface for displaying recent barometric pressure from Toronto Island Airport (CYTZ).

Demo Source Code

Slide Puzzle

A simple game where you slide pieces of the image to arrange in order

Demo Source Code

Pixel Paint

A simple web-based javascript paint application

Demo Source Code


A simple breakout clone created using javascript and the HTML canvas

Demo Source Code

Random METAR

A mobile-first Progressive-Web-Application that displays a METAR (Meteorological Terminal Airport Report) for a random Canadian airport

Demo Source Code

Ray Marching

A simple example of how ray marching works, using circles to trace the path

Demo Source Code


A simple game, where you attempt to mow all the leaves before the fox catches you.

Demo Source Code

Race Car

A simple race car game, where you move the car over a background (race track)

Demo Source Code


A demo to test mouse and touch events on the canvas, and a simple animation tween.

Demo Source Code

Maze Generator

This is three demos in one! First the maze generator API was created. Next, the UI rendering the maze; and a dynamic maze solver.

Demo Source Code